Temperance Tarot Card’s True Meanings


The Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana, otherwise known as the Temperance XIV, represents a lesson. This lesson is that real change takes time and one must exercise the ability of patience and self-control as an infinite virtue.

The Temperance card suggests moderation, frugality, and balance with a warning that extremes in any situation should be well avoided. When it is drawn, it implies that you know who you are, your goals, and how you wish to achieve them. It further indicates that you are at peace with your life and its unfolding because you have found yourself.

Temperance is about balance in essence with an element of fire, the planet Jupiter, key dates of November 23 to December 21, and the sign of Sagittarius.

Visual Meaning

Using the Rider-Waite deck, the Temperance card shows a female winged angel that pours liquid from one cup to another. The two cups are held so that the liquids can be mixed or interchanged. This represents the super and subconscious minds of union and infinity. Standing at the end of a path with a golden halo around her head and another on the path, these represent spiritual enlightenment. This can further be explained as the idea that one must complete their path to receive the light.

The angel rests one foot on land, the material world, and another dipped in water to represent the subconscious. She is balanced between both in a patient eternal task. Her robe holds a square with a triangle inside suggesting an earth in unison with the Holy Trinity.

As a Person

Temperance represents someone who offers a balanced approach to life, understanding value in compromise. This person can combine different aspects of a situation to create something new, possibly as a psychic or healer.

Due to the natural gift, these individuals are often excellent communicators or mediators who bring out the best in others. They tend to hold management positions. Temperance people feel things unfold as they should so that there is no need to rush things along.

Positive Meanings: An Upright Temperance

When a Temperance is drawn upright it signifies that in tough situations, you remain calm. You do not let stress take control, but remain patient and prepared to go with what happens. You are blessed with the ability to see a situation in its entirety which allows for progress in the areas you seek out.

Love and Relationships

When Temperance is drawn in relation to love, it signifies balance and mutual respect among soulmates. This comes with love and commitment. If there have been problems recently, then this card means resolve is coming and harmony with unity will return. If you are single and draw the Temperance card, you will find balance in other parts of your life to make room for a new love.


Temperance in career matters means you are poised to set new goals and have the persistence and patience to achieve them. Your hard work and dedication will have been noticed, but remember not to ump at the first new opportunity. Remain patient because something better could be coming.


Temperance in money means that your finances are starting to stabilize and you will not be in debt much longer. However, you must reevaluate your situation to be more frugal. Temperance does not signify a windfall of money, just stabilization.


Moderation is key, so bad habits need to end or be placed under control. Addressing specific areas of health will boost your health and your energy will return.

Negative Meanings: Temperance Reversed

When the Temperance card is reversed it indicates overindulgence and imbalance with a warning against reckless behavior because it will bring harm. No matter what the behavior, Temperance is a sign that it has gone too far and you need to realign yourself.

Love and Relationships

A reversed Temperance when in a relationship means that numerous, recent conflicts have emerged because of an imbalance. Someone feels the love given is not reciprocated. You must find inner balance to stop the conflict so you will be better able to face issues and make positive decisions. If you are single, you need to be coyer and not overshare. Learn to step back a bit.


Temperance reversed in the area of career means going it alone professionally is not a good idea at the moment. You need to be looked at as a team player, even if you currently work alone. You have not been overlooked professionally, but be patient and you will receive the deserved recognition.


Temperance reversed financially means you are stable, but extra is always good. If a promising opportunity comes along, chase it because if you are proactive, the funds will come into your account.


Much like Temperance upright, it is all about moderation. If health issues exist, it is because you are out of balance in a health-related area.

Temperance Spreads

Temperance in the past position is an indication of your ability to work in harmony with others while remaining balanced in the material and spiritual elements of life to date. This will be an ongoing trend.

Temperance in the present position is indicative of something you have yearned for finally coming to fruition. This can be anything from romance to wealth.

Temperance in the future position means that current conflicts must be resolved to move forward. You must stay in control through balance, restraint, and moderation in all things.

Card Combinations

Since Temperance is a highly spiritual card it asks that you act with forethought and wisdom in any position or combination.

Temperance and Knight of Wands

This combination signals an international excitement in store. This is not a danger, but an adventure.

Temperance and Chariot

This combination means you will be put in a position of responsibility that may be related to work.

Temperance and Four of Cups

When this pair turns up in a spread it signals a need for deep thinking. The internal dialogue can result in wonderful things.

Yes or No

Since Temperance is an overall positive in the cards, if asking a yes or no questions, the likely answer is yes.