Tarot Beginners Guide


Tarot card reading starts differently for everyone. Some will start at a young age and others will start later in life. Understanding the tarot deck is not easy and if you are someone that is practicing reading tarot cards, there are ways that you can get good at it.

Tarot cards are a tool that can bring healing and can help you to make it through hard times in your life. Many people see that tarot cards are like a hidden secret.  When you are trying to become a tarot card reader, understanding the cards are important. There are many rules about tarot cards, and this is a thing that help people to know that reading cards is a special gift.

Some believe that you should buy your own deck while others think that it has to be a gift given to you. But what if no one ever gifts you a tarot deck? You will never get the chance to do your own tarot readings. You have to decide which rules you go by and which ones you don’t.

Understanding the Cards

Once you have your own tarot deck, you need to understand the cards. There are 78 cards in a deck, and they are full of information. Some people try to memorize the cards but if you are just starting, you can start by pulling one card out each day and getting to know one card at a time.

Talking Through the Cards

Tarot cards are a tool, and you can use them to talk about things. There is an energy that is connected to the cards and when you pull one, you might want to have a conversation about the card. Use your intuition to guide you through your reading. You can see what someone is thinking or what energies surround them by the cards.

If this sounds scary, don’t let it get you down. Learn to access all the information around you and make a connection with the cards. The cards work with the four elements of earth, fire, water and air and they are working together to give you answers.

Knowing the Spreads

You can learn different spreads that work to tell about your past, present or future but you don’t have to know the spreads. You can change them up and do them on your own. The Celtic Cross, for example, is a spread that is kind of hard. You can start with this and learn how to do the 10-card spread but the information is a lot.

Some will change the way that the spread is normally done so that they can figure it out their own way. Lay the spread out the way that you are comfortable with and then deal with the cards accordingly.

Setting Up Your Area

Make sure that you are setting up your area to be the place that you want to do your reading. Get rid of any negativity around the area and make sure that you are healthy and strong. Keep your place clean and free of distractions. Try to do things like burn herbs and light candles. You can even meditate to keep your space free of negativity.

Starting the Reading

Start your reading in a way that feels right to you. Don’t do a big ritual if you don’t ‘feel that it’s the right thing to do. You don’t have to do your reading like everyone else does it.

Some will choose to do their reading by sitting close to the person that they are doing the reading for. They will lay the cards out and then they will choose a card form the pile. They let the cards settle down and they listen to their subconscious mind on what the cards mean. Once you begin talking, you have to listen to your intuition to guide you.

Don’t Freak Out

If you get cards that are not good cards like the Death card, don’t freak out. The Death card doesn’t mean someone is going to die but it can mean that a change is coming. Pay attention to what the cards symbolize and stay calm. Accept what the cards have to say and then relax and do your reading.