Signs of Your Past Life

Signs of Your Past Life

Do you ever have dreams that keep recurring? Do you have skills that you cannot explain, or do you have a love for times of the past? If you have any of these things, chances are that you have lived a past life before.

Past Life Regression

If you wonder who you were in your past life, there are many psychics that are available that can help to reach information about your past life. There are also many psychologists who believe in the idea of a past life and some of them do things such as hypnosis to try to get answers.

If you have ever been hypnotized to find out about your past life, chances are they will attempt to take you from the time of your birth and then to your present life. This is called past life regression and it is something many hypnotists use.


Do you feel that you live in the wrong time period because you have such a strong love for the past? If so, this can be a sign that you are having memories of your past life. Depending on when you were born, chances are that you will love the things from your past life, even if they are from a long time ago.

If you find that you have memories and you are someone else or you are at a place or a time that you do not recognize from your present, this can be a sign that you are having past life memories.

Déjà vu

Everyone has déjà vu here and there but if you find that you are always having that feeling, it can be a sign that you have been in a past life before. If you feel like you have been to places that you have never been to before, you might not even have memories of this place but that can mean that you are connected from your incarnation of your soul.


Are you deathly afraid of something and you don’t have a real reason why? Some people that experience phobias have them because they have faced death in their past life. When you go through hypnosis therapy, chances are you will find out something such as you being bitten by a snake or dying from a spider bite and this can be why you have such a big fear.

When you get your session, chances are you can live out your fear and no longer be afraid.


Do you have physical pains that have bothered you for your whole life? Have you seen a doctor and they cannot see anything wrong with you? If you get hypnotherapy, chances are you are having emotional or physical pains that come from your past life.

People with these unexplained illnesses or feelings can have something from their past that is traumatic or that they are having memories of from their past life.


Maybe you are one of those people that love things such as the Civil War or someone that loves the French and you do not know why your passion developed. If you are excited about different cultures or past life things, chances are that you have experienced some of these things in your past.


There are some people that have many talents such as being able to play piano by ear or easily speaking another language. If you have these skills and no one has ever taught you these things, these could be past life skills.


People that have skills can be living from their past life but there are also people that have a lot of knowledge about things that they have never learned about.

Knowing things from a different time can be a sign that you have lived in a past life.


Memories and déjà vu can come to people in their dreams. If you have dreams that keep recurring and you have the same people in your dreams, you might be trying to open up things from your former life.

Maybe there were people that you knew thousands of years ago and your mind is trying to remember them and decipher them from your dreams.


No matter if you believe in reincarnation or not, there are some things that happen to people that the only explanation is that they lived in their past life.