Reading Reversed Tarot

Reversed Tarot

Some people wonder about doing a reversed tarot reading but the problem is that you might have a harder time reading and interpreting the cards or you might get a negative reading. If you are trying to decide if you should do a reversed reading, here is some reasons why you should!

Doing a Reversed Reading

If you love doing tarot readings, trying the reversed tarot reading might be your new thing. This kind of reading gives you a different perspective on what the cards are trying to say to you. It can show you where you have issues in your life and where you are hiding your energy instead of letting it become externalized.

This kind of reading can also help you if you like to ask “yes” or “no” questions, where the reversed will give you the no answer and the straight a yes answer. Also, if you want to do more advanced readings, this is the way to get there.

Of course, not all people will want to do a reversed reading.

Why Not to Do a Reversed Tarot Reading

There are many reasons why doing a straight tarot reading is better than doing a reversed. With there being so many cards in the deck, 78, in fact, you have to learn what each of the cards mean. If you do a reversed reading, you have to learn a whole new meaning to the cards.

But, if you are not wanting to do this kind of reading and one shows up in your deck, you can fix that by turning it back the right way. Someone that is experienced in doing readings might want to try the reversed reading but if you don’t, that is okay.

One thing that many people think is that a reversed reading can have some negativity to it. If this is the reason you don’t want to do this kind of reading, remember that not all of it is negative and you can learn some new things.

Deciding if Doing a Reversed Reading is Your Thing

Being new to tarot reading is okay and you can stick to doing a regular reading. As you grow and do more readings, you can learn to interpret new ways and see if doing a reverse is the right thing for you.

Deciding which way that you want to do your reading is strictly up to you and there is no wrong or right way. You can decide how and when and what kind of reading that you want to do.

Final Thoughts

Doing a tarot reading can be insightful and fun. By finding out which way that you want to do the reading, you can gain more information. If you are concerned about doing a reversed reading, then stick to doing a straight reading and get the information that you want, right before your eyes.

As you grow, you can decide to do different kinds of readings. This is completely up to the reader and can give you information that you are seeking along your journey.

Do the kind of reading that makes you have peace and teaches you to understand the tarot cards more.