Fortunes can be read for entertainment purposes as well as using them to evaluate your take on a situation or relationship. The cards have a way in which they interact with each other to develop or a story or tell what’s happening. This article is specifically written for you if reading a tarot has stumped you and all other kinds of divination have been blocked.

Cartomancy is a way fortunes are told by just using regular playing cards.  Jokers are not used here. To my understanding, there are variations in associations but the associations below are the ones that are mostly agreed upon by readers. The most essential thing is to grow your own associations and understanding of the cards. Roll with a consistent system that works for you once you have created it.

Reading paly cards is simple and fun but can be complicated and simple depending on how you want it to be. There are several associations a person can make between the cards and the calendar, these are; 13 cards in each suit to match the roughly 13 weeks of each season and four fruits to match the four seasons.

A quick note on reversals

Some of you know that during tarot readings a reversed card can show up. Some individuals do not even read reversed cards. I usually read them as obstacles, the energy that holds back or hinders a situation somehow. Reversals, however, don’t mean that situations can’t be okay-it’s a myth.

The only disadvantage of laying cards and reversals is that the top and bottom are always mirrored.

Comprehending the associations of the suits numbers, and royal court

The suits

Spades= Swords

Contemplating, communication

Element: Air

Hearts= Cups (in tarot)

Feelings, relationships, emotions

Element: Water

Diamonds= Pentacles (in tarot)

Practicalities, material world

Element: Earth

Clubs= Wands (in tarot)

Creativity, action

Element: Fire

Associations and numbers

Ace- Chances, Beginnings, Missed chances, Bad timing

Two- Cooperation, Balance, Disharmony

Three- Loss, Sharing, Connection

Four- Foundation, Instability, Stability

Five- Disturbance, Activity

Six- Ignorance, Pattern, Communication, Flow

Seven- Transformation, Stagnation, Mystery

Eight- Harmony or Health, Movement

Nine- Wishes, Idealism, Disappointment, Growth