Power Behind the Tree of Life Tarot Spread

Tarot Tree of Life Spread

There are many people that use tarot cards to give them the answers that they need. Some believe that tarot and Kabbalah are related.

One thing about tarot cards is that there are 22 cards that are part of the Major Arcana and there are 22 life paths that are seen in Kabbalah. Some think that this means that the tarot cards and Kabbalah are actually related.

Tarot cards have been around for years and years and no one really knows if it is tied to Jewish mysticism or not. Some people that are Jewish will practice tarot cards, but others look down upon it.

Tree of Life Spread

The tree of Life spread is part of a psychic belief that allows the law of attraction to work. They believe that by using astrology and this tarot spread that they can connect between the physical and the spiritual world.

Some believe that the messages that they are seeking will be given to them when they do this spread and other tarot card spreads.

Putting Out the Spread

The cards are laid out in an order that is the shape of a tree. The first card goes on top and in the idle and the second card goes to the right. The third card goes to the left and the fourth is under the second card. The fifth card goes under the third and the sixth card is put into the middle. The seventh card goes under the fifth card and the nineth card under the sixth card. The tenth card is the last one in this spread.

Beginning the Reading

When this card spread is laid out, some will read from the beginning or will read it in reverse order. It is important to listen to their intuition and to set an intention before the reading ever starts. It is important to know what card you are starting at and why.

If you start with the first card, the reading starts with guidance from the spiritual world and ends in a way that you can ground and find your true reality. If the reading starts the other way, you will look at your day each day and what kind of enlightenement you want to reach. You can choose whichever reading you want to do.

Card 1

This card is the Crown card, and it shows the purpose of your life. It can also show the problem that you are dealing with.

Card 2

This card shows you wisdom and what causes you to want to change. It can be a personal responsibility that you need to meet.

Card 3

This card helps you to understand things. It shows you what you can do to manifest things in your life and what is stopping you.

Card 4

This card is the mercy card, and it shows you the laws of your life. It will show you how to treat others and how to be kind and not to have stress.

Card 5

This card is the strength card and shows you the challenges that you are facing. It shows you how you can overcome challenges and what your past, present and future is all about.

Card 6

This card is a beauty card and shows you what successes that you have had. It shows you how all of your life is intertwined.

Card 7

This card is the victory card, and it shows you the material possessions that you have that aren’t helping you. It also shows the attachments that you have.

Card 8

This card shows you the position of the world and what you need to do to stay on your life path. This is the splendor card.

Card 9

This card shows you where your ego is and what happens that has caused you a problem. This is the foundation card.

Card 10

This card is the kingdom card and shows you your family and your home.