Interpreting Dreams with Tarot Cards

Interpreting Dreams with Tarot Cards

If you find that you are having recurring dreams, this can mean something. Maybe you are having a peaceful dream where you are found at the edge of a pond, hanging out with your grandpa, or maybe you are having bad dreams where you are alone and afraid.

Your dreams can guide you even if you are not sure where the destination is or where you are going. Maybe you wonder what your dreams mean.

Dreams can be interpreted in many different ways. People that have the same dreams over and over again might want to go see a Tarot reader so that they can interpret their dreams. Dreams have symbols and the symbols in your dream can help you to figure out what your dreams are.


In the Tarot deck, the Fool card is part of the Major Arcana. In the Major Arcana, there are 22 cards that have deep symbols.

There is also a Minor Arcana and it has swords, wands, cups, and coins. The traditional Rider-Waite deck has cards that have images and each image has an interpretation.

There are five of cups in some that when they are staked on top of each other they have powerful symbols.

The Fool

There are hundreds or even thousands of Tarot decks in the world. Each of the decks are significant in their own ways. When you consider the Major Arcana, you will see that in each of the different decks, the Fool card is similar.

The Fool card will appear with a person on a journey. When the person walks on the right path, they might come to a lake. The Fool takes all of his possessions in a cloth that is attached to a stick and takes a small dog as his travel companion. He will walk when the sun or the moon is out so he can have light.

There is a creature such as an alligator or a snake that is coming out of the lake by his feet.

In the Tarot readings, the Fool can mean you will go on an adventure in your life or that you are starting something new. This card can mean a new path.

Clients do not always like seeing the Fool card because it makes them feel that they are being a fool but the truth is that if you have an open mind, you can see that this can be a good thing and not something negative.

If you pick the Fool in a relationship reading, it can mean you will have a new relationship but the old one will end, if it is a career reading, it can mean a new job is coming your way.

Upside Down Fool

If you draw an upside-down Fool, this can mean you will be moving. It can mean that you need to do something that is important in your life such as buy a new house or a new card.

The upside-down Fool card can mean that you did not think deeply into what you were wanting to do, and you did not take into consideration the negative things that could come up. Maybe you are leaving a job that you do not like but you forgot to check to see if there were any other jobs available.


The Fool card in Tarot is a lot how dreams work. The dreams can give you divine wisdom if you pay attention to them. You can pick up symbols and ideas that can be helpful to you but if you do not study them and see what they mean, you will miss something.


Everyone does not always have a Tarot deck beside them, but most people do have dreams. You can learn to study the Tarot cards, or you can learn to understand the symbols in your dreams.

The Knight, for example, can mean that you are on the move. You can imagine yourself riding a horse away and getting rid of a financial burden or reaching a new opportunity.

There can be small and simple dreams such as a gate or a start and these can be both dream symbols and Tarot images. These things can be hard to interpret.

Recording Your Dreams

When you have a dream, take time to write down what you dream. There will be a symbolic pattern in your dream and if you learn to pay attention to the images, chances are that you will learn to understand what your dreams mean.

The problem is, most people forget their dreams almost right away but if you write them down immediately when you wake up, you will not forget them.

Dreams and Tarots

Waking up in the night from a dream can be something you understand and if you use a Tarot Card spread to interpret your dream, chances are you will be able to figure out the meaning behind your dream.

If your spirit guide has a message for you, you will be able to get the answers that you need. If you want to connect more with your spirit guides, look at the Tarot cards or get a Tarot reading so that you can connect better with the spirits.

The spirit guides can help to lead you from your past, present and future and can help you to find the truth. Find more about your life by getting a Tarot card reading.