How Accurate Are Tarot Card Readings

How Accurate Are Tarot Card Readings

To be honest, the cards themselves are never wrong.  The accuracy exists with how the message is interpreted and delivered. And it’s not just the cars that are in play.

Things that influence Tarot card readings

One of the things that influences a reading is the question that is being asked. The situation in the present moment is also a factor. The reason behind the question is also important.  The ability of your reader also affects the reading. And of course, there is the element of chance.  So how do you get the best reading?

Ask a true question.

If you want a real answer, ask a real question.  Ask a question that is rooted in reality  Don’t ask one based on how you want things to be.You should ask a question from the perspective of truth.  If you want an honest answer, you should ask an honest question.

No one knows the future

Although tarot reading is full of energy and  emotions and influences of the moment .Remember that the energy is susceptible to change.  When you add the reader and the client into the mix, it will bring a huge blend of influences.  Toss in the element of free will, and there will be shift in information.  A client should remember that each reading is temporary because every moment is fleeting.

Now is now

One of the things clients seeking a reading often overlook is that readings are only indicative of that very moment. If you are seeking specific answer, you will only receive advice for that very moment.  Please remember that the present is all that is important.

The cards will reveal the needed information.

One of the reasons people become disappointed and disenchanted with card readings is that they may not be getting the answer they want.  Once you realize that they cards  are giving  you the answers that you need, you will glean exactly what is important in that moment. You should be open to every eventuality. The cards will tell you what you need to know.

Some psychics are readers, but not all readers are psychic

Some readers have the ability to read in addition to the cards. They use the cards as a sort of prompt or warm up to get them started. Other readers have committed the card meanings to memory. They may not take the time to interpret the cards, they just report. Another type of reader will tell the story by using the card meanings as a guidelines. Their intuition may send them messages as they read and let the knowledge unfold.  Be sure you tell your reader what you are looking for.

Consider the source

Remember that although the Tarot is an ancient tradition, the deck that your reader is using is not exactly sacred. The creators of the deck you are using may have some built in bias. The meanings of the cards are traditional, but they way they are depicted are not. This is especially true if you are using a deck that is specialized to depict movie or literary characters.

So are the cards accurate?

The cards themselves are accurate, but you have to take all of the above into consideration. There is also the situation called life. Life takes its own course. You can be informed about the different stops along the way, but only you decide the journey. But you can notice specific signs, such as a card that keeps appearing. If the same card shows up reading after reading, it means that you should pay attention to what the card means.  If a card falls out of the deck while they are being shuffled it, you shouldn’t ignore it. Take note of it and its meaning before you shuffle it back again. You should pay close attention if it shows up again in the reading.