Hierophant: Future Meanings

Hierophant: Future Meanings

The hierophant in tarot is usually associated with value. When this card appears, you are assured of value in your interests of that time period and how this value affects your views on relationships, love, and even attitudes toward others. It usually means that morality and traditions are taking center stage in life. These are traditions held by both society and family.

The Hierophant can also mean you are passing on or even rejecting what is considered the status quo, so make sure to look for clues in other cards. Due to the associations, the hierophant can relate to actions around religion and values. Things like marriage, religious ceremonies, and baptisms could soon be in your life. Surrounding cards will clarify. It is overall a marriage card.

At times, the hierophant can also predict a visit to someone with experience for specific advice. This could be a relative or teacher that will provide the answers you need. Never be afraid to ask for help when needed. The hierophant will offer support. The card is known for mercy and goodness or that forgiveness will be given. When this card appears, do what is morally right, even when it is hard. It demands it.

Love Meaning

If the hierophant appears in a love reading that looks encouraging and you are looking to marry, the union will be good. This is a good sign. However, it can also be a predictor that you will need to adapt to a partner’s traditional orientation. If already married, then the hierophant can be sinister. It means a relationship counselor will likely be needed to make the marriage work well.

If the love reading is taking a negative turn, a hierophant usually means someone else is involved in the relationship. This could be someone offering bad advice. Even if the advice is not intended to be bad, the person does not have enough knowledge to be sharing.

Feelings Meaning

If the hierophant appears in a feelings reading then it is a reassurance that your partner has good intentions, though not necessarily romantic. They may move into romance, especially if a lovers spread is drawn.

Future Meaning

When related to the future, the hierophant predicts marriage. However, this does not mean you will marry a current partner, just that marriage is eventually in the cards.

Business and Career

If a career or business reading is occurring then the hierophant has two main meanings. The first is related to advice. This points you to someone who has ben through many situations and can offer solid tips to help your business flourish. This may be through direct contact, courses, seminars, or even workshops.

On the other hand, the hierophant can also be advising you to look back for inspiration. This card wants you to stick with tradition. Overall, the hierophant in business means you will receive advice on advancement. If something happens, stick to the moral high ground and do what is best for you overall.

Yes or No

In general, if you are asking the hierophant card whether you should forgive or follow in another’s footsteps, the answer is yes. In other situations, it is considered a neutral card. Keep reading for how the hierophant relates to other specific questions.

  • Does ____ like me? – The answer is typically yes, especially if the values are traditional.
  • Am I pregnant? – The hierophant is not or should not be used for this type of interpretation.
  • Will my relationship last long term? – The answer is typically yes and if things continue well, marriage is likely as well.
  • Is the future promising? – The future of this matter does in fact look promising.
  • Is reconciliation with my ex possible? – Even if it was a good relationship, the hierophant does not indicate such a thing.

Negative, Weakness, or Obstacle Meaning

All tarot cards sometimes appear with negative connotation. The hierophant is the same. When it appears in this manner, it points to extremes in tradition, meaning this is not doing you any favors. It could also mean that people are willing to advise you, but the advice should not be taken because it is not what is best.

Positive, Strength, or Advantage Meaning

When your motives are sincere, the hierophant will appear as a positive. When you seek from a good place then you can sleep well at night. The hierophant is an advantage when people are around to help. If someone is going out of their way to help, then take the advice.