Healing by Using Angel Cards

Angel Cards

Many psychics use divination cards in order to heal and to find answers for others. They use the cards to be inspired and to be able to see things clearly. The way that you select the cards might have to do with the images or the intuition that you feel.

When you look at the different cards, you will ask questions and the cards will be there for a reason. The reading will be there to help you connect with your spirit and to be able to read and understand the cards. This is something that you can do to be inspired and it can change your thoughts and your feelings.

Everyone looks at cards and what they meant to them and each of the opinions and feelings of the cards will change depending on the person. The cards are not read wrong or right and if you look at the cards differently, this is okay. It is possible to learn from the cards and to be able to change what the cards say and what you feel from them. Remember that the cards might be new to you but if you use your intuition, you can read them and get the answers that you need.

Always ask your guides to help you to focus and to protect you when you do card work. You can ask your spirit to help you to know what you are doing and to hear the messages that the cards want you to have. This can help you to have good thoughts and to have good energies. You are going to think on the cards, and you can have healing and knowledge.

Once you feel the cards, you will be drawn to certain ones. You will be the keeper of the cards and you will have feelings for that deck. Look at the cards and always ask questions. The questions will help you to understand what the energy is and to help you to do healing and other things.

Angel oracle cards will open up your spirituality and they will help you to know what your connections are. There are different decks and each of them will be linked to you. This will not cause effort, and this will be when you take a card, and you know the meaning of the card by the feelings that you have.

Do you feel that the cards that you have are part of the spirit world? Hold the deck in your hand and when you are doing your reading, talk to your guides and listen to what they are telling you. Ask a question and then ask your guides to give you the answers.

The healing and oracle cards are made up of different suits and more and they are similar to the tarot cards. The cards are good for readings and they can help to tell your past, present and future. The spread can be a four-card spread and some people will use three different decks or twelve cards.

When you pull out the healing and angel cards, you will see if they are stuck together that you need to figure out the situation of the cards and their position. If they are upside down, it can mean something different than if they are in a different position. Consider the cards positive and look at the cards and see if there are different messages.

Let the spirit guides interpret the cards for you and if you ask a question and you aren’t sure what the meaning is, ask your guides to give you answers. Put boundaries up and allow the guides to see things clearly for you. There are ways that you can use the cards and the more you use them, the closer you will get to them.

Healing and Angel Oracle Cards

Looking at the healing and angel cards is a time where you will look at the meanings. They can have different feelings and you have to listen and see which meanings are relevant to you.

Four Healing and Oracle Cards and Interpretations

Card 1:  Dreaming

When you have a dream and you share your dream, you can get messages through here. Your dreams are meant to give you answers and to allow you to communicate with your guides.

Dreams will come true sometimes and even if they don’t, they have strong meanings. Getting good sleep can help you to stay safe and keep you safe from other places that are harmful for you.

The first card or the dream card will help you on your journey and will help you to be safe.  This card tells you to listen to your dreams and to be aware of the messages that your dreams give you.

You will have love and warmth from this card, and it will hep you to move forward. If someone is looking for answers from their dreams, this is the perfect card for them.

Card 2: Guardian Angel

This card is there when you feel like you need a break in life.  Your guides will never leave you and they are there to help you through your journey.

When someone is being guided, they will see that the card is there to help them reflect on their life and to help them to travel in their body and to understand their life.

They are sometimes worried that they don’t have enough faith but as long as they are guided, they do not have anything to worry about. This is a card that is very good.

Follow the card and let your guides lead you.

3rd Card: Soulmate Card

This is a card of love and when you get this card, you can know that your soulmate is coming. Talk to them and tell them what you want. Let your soulmate know what makes you happy. Talk to them and tell them what the best for you is.

Let them share your thoughts and let them show you who they are. A feeling of oneness will follow you and your soulmate will be there to be your friend and to help you live your life happily.

This person will bless you and they will be there so that you will not be lonely. They will support you and bring you peace.

Card 4: Friendship Card

This card is there to help you to find out if you have friends or not. This might not be a soulmate friend but a friend that is there to share time with you and to connect with you through many lifetimes.

Share with your friend and know that you aren’t alone. Be willing to help yourself and to let your friend know that you are there.

This person will be a good friend to you, and they will be there to help you. You will be on their side and you will understand what they are trying to accomplish in life.


Each of the individual cards are there with their own meanings. They help you to understand your life overall and they help you to work together with the card to be the best you can be.

Interpret the card and the picture and see the meaning of it. There are many messages that will come to you and your guardian angel and your friends will be there for you. You will even see your soulmate.

Someone might wonder if they will have real friends and the dreams that you have will be there to help you know if things seem impossible or if they are going to be easy to reach. The overall meaning of the cards is important, and this is your real-life path.

A person that dreams is reaching for their life and they will work hard to make sure that they are able to move forward with the universe and to do what they want in life. Make sure that you have a positive outlook when you ask questions.

A positive outcome will come for you and the person will see that you are safe. Learn to trust them. The person that is looking for something will concentrate on their dreams and will get guidance from their guides and angels and they will be able to be the best that they can be.

Look at knowledge and move forward in your journey.

Reading and Feelings

Having feelings will be strong and will be positive. Look at things from a good point of view and do not let bad feelings harm you. Look at things around you and put your life together.

The angel healing cards are colored and each of them have a different meaning. They might have hard or soft colors and they work on your emotions. They will give you what you need in your life and help you to know what your life mission is.