Getting Accurate Tarot Answers


When you get a tarot reading, chances are that you want to have a reading that is accurate. People that are just learning to do tarot readings need to do them as much as they can so that they can learn the cards better.  Even doing a daily reading can help.

There are other ways that you can practice your tarot reading and there are some techniques that can help you to be better at what you are doing.

Instead of using one card, try using two cards instead. When you do this, you can be better at getting answers that are accurate. This works great if you use a pip-deck because having them in pairs is better.

Counting on Accuracy

When you do a spread that is called the “Potential obstacles” spread, this can have a position of different cards. You might see traditional cards and have meanings for them like having the 3 of cups mean friendship and being together as one. This makes it hard to have this card in a spread.

If you had another card with it though, you could understand more what the 3 of cups might mean and it can help you such as if you have a 9 of swords with it. Then you will see that it can mean being completed and fulfilling your purpose.

Then if you put them together, you can come up with the answer that a group of friends has a strong set of feelings and that the obstacles might mean that your beliefs are different than theirs.

When you use two cards instead of one, you can get a better answer for yourself and for others. This makes the depth of the card reading better and it can help you to improve the reading with your intuition.

Trying New Techniques

When you want to learn to be better at doing reading, the best thing to do is to try different techniques until you find ones that work best for you.

Some of the readings will be done with a one card spread while others will be done using the two-card spread. What is more accurate for you? The accuracy of the reading will help you to improve your thoughts and feelings when it comes to doing readings for others.

Once you understand that you can try different things, you will need to let your intuition guide you into what kind of reading that you want to do. The more intuition you use the better your reading will be and the easier it will be to interpret it.

Other Readings

Once you get used to using the tarot deck, you can try your hands at other decks such as the oracle decks or the angel card decks. Remember, once again, find the technique that works the best for you and go with it! You can do this!

What Can Tarot Predict?

A tarot reading can predict different things such as:

  • Future events.
  • What is holding you back from your past.
  • What your relationship is like.
  • What kind of career you need to be in.
  • How your life is being benefited by others.
  • What kind of issues are holding you back.
  • If you are getting an inheritance.
  • If finances are going to be a problem for you.

The tarot reading can predict all of these things and more. Once you get used to understanding and being able to handle the deck, you will be able to do readings for yourself and those around you!  Keep practicing!