Find Out if People Care, using a Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread

People are not always easy to read and sometimes you don’t know what they are feeling or thinking. This can happen because people put on different fronts or they put up walls because they don’t want to let people in.

When they choose to open up to you, it can be hard for them. Instead of trying to read their mind and know what they feel about you, you can get a reading. Do you wonder if the person around you is your friend or if they are romantically interested in you? If so, the reading can help you to know the answers to your deepest questions.

Card 1

The first card can tell you how someone feels about you. This will overview their complete feelings. This is a time where things can change but right now you just want to know how they look at you.

Card 2

This card can tell you if they are romantic with you or not. It can tell you if they have deep or hidden feelings for you. This card will help you to decide to pursue them or to move on without them.

Card 3

If you want to know if you are just friends with someone, the third card can tell you that. This card will tell you what level you are at with that person and if you can form a stronger bond with them.

Card 4

The fourth card will tell you what they like about you. It will tell you the things about you that they are most interested in or that they find the most exciting.

Card 5

This card will tell you what people don’t like about you. This is a card that can tell you if you have issues that you need to work through or if you need to resolve anything in your relationship.

Card 6

This card is going to tell you what you have hidden from this person. This will also show you if you should tell them more about yourself or stay by yourself instead.

Card 7

The seventh card will tell you what you don’t know about them. It will show you different feelings that you might have for them.

This card will show you part of them that you might not see or accept. This will help you to be aware of what they are and who they choose to be. You will know if they are the same with you as with other people.

This reading can help you to know how you should feel about that person and why. You will know if you are interested in that person or if you dislike them. It can tell you why you feel that way and if you should change your thoughts or your ideas about them.

This reading has many different layers, and it can help you to see life in a different view. Find out what is important and get the answers that you need.