Energy Affects Emotion: Here’s How

Energy Affects Emotion

Optimal health and happiness require a balance of both body and mind. if your energy is out of whack then the emotions can suffer. However, using mindfulness and emotional healing can combat negative energy so you can feel better.

Weight of Emotional Energy

The energy of emotion can affect us physically. Think of that sick feeling in the stomach when a late-night phone call comes in or when your heart races as you see someone you love. You likely feel light and energetic when things are good. These are the effects of energy of emotion.

Physical Force

To understand this area, think of a bucket of water. Our emotions are naturally neutral until an outside force acts on it. This is like the bucket sitting in the sun. When something nice or pleasant happens, our energy raises slightly, like the sun hitting the warmer. We may feel warmer inside. The change happens, but it may not be noticeable. Then a sudden downpour occurs and the bucket overflows, leaks, or tips over and no longer functions in the way it was intended. This is like us being bombarded by negative of difficult emotions. Fear and worry can turn to rage or extreme sadness. So much so, that we overflow and stop functioning correctly.

Observe and Review

Life takes work, it is a cray ride. Emotional healing is just part of that ride, but it requires dedication and focus. These focused efforts will help you weather storms of emotions when they arise. The energy work of emotional healing can decrease the effects of negative energy on emotional well being when practice with consistency. There are times when it is easy to recognize negative emotions from big events, though there will be others when you feel something is physically off, but cannot pinpoint the cause. Over time, even the small things will build up if not taken care of in your life.

Emotional Healing Explained

Much like the stages of grief, emotional healing is a series of stages that are fluid and can go back and forth. These steps include:

  • Identification of the negative energy – understanding
  • Discovering the cause – knowing where they originated from
  • Coping mechanisms and emotional turnaround – this is turning a negative into a positive as the emotions resolve (may include a release)

Using Positive Energy

Committing to a life of contentment and positivity is possible if you are willing to work for it. Allow trapped emotions to be identified and released to begin with to get the process started. This will take time and practice, but you will feel the effects over time if you continue practicing and improving. This will keep the negative emotions from taking over or building up because you have practiced their release. This does not mean you will never face negative emotions, but that when you do, they will not be shoved aside, but released so you can continue on your ever improving emotional health journey in a positive manner. Emotional healers can be of great help if you struggle to get started.