Connecting to People You Remember

Connecting to People You Remember

Are there people that you have known and have formed special relationships in your lifetime such as friends or family members? Maybe you connected at some point with a teacher or with a co-worker. These can be long lasting relationships that have been in your life for years and years, where others can be short term relationships.

People will often come to your mind when you are sitting around thinking of things and this can happen throughout your life and for a season.

When things get hard, maybe you don’t know what is going to happen and you need someone to come into your life to help you to have peace and calmness.

You might also feel that you need someone in your life that has died because you miss their love and compassion that they had for you. Maybe this person always rooted you on and brought you joy in your life.

The great news is that even though they are not here in the physical, they are a spirit, and their energy is always with you. When you are going through things that are hard in your life or scary, you might find that you have people around you that love you when you need it the most.

They Are with You

It is hard to be comforted by someone just because someone tells you that they are there. You miss being able to hug them and talk to them. You miss their physical being.

A great thing about talking to a medium is that they can bring people to you from the other side and they can help you to see that they are with you, even when you do not see them. This can change your life.

COVID-19 is a time that has made people that we love off limits to us and this does not mean that they are not here with you.

Mediumship Online

You can get online and find mediums that work online that can help you to talk to your loved ones. Just because you are not in the room with a medium does not mean that they cannot help you.

They can video chat you or talk to you over the phone and do a live demonstration for you that you can see your loved ones are with you.

Some have a hard time with this but here are some things that are positive about an online medium reading:

  • You never have to fight the crowds or worry about being around sick people.
  • You can wear your pajamas or clothes that are comfortable.
  • You will always be in the front seat.
  • You will have healing energy that can come to you through the live event or the video chat.
  • You can be connected with the medium and then you can have them connect with your loved one.
  • This is a reading that is more normal because it is not streamed.
  • The medium can give you the same reading that they would if you were in person with them.

If you need to talk to someone, find someone online that you can trust to give you a reading. You can feel the love and comfort right form your home and you can learn together.

Find someone that you can connect with and you can schedule a reading right online and find out that you can see the face of your loved one right from the comfort of your own home.