Attracting Your Soulmate

Attracting Your Soulmate

A lot of people think about meeting a soulmate and they think that this means that they will live and have the perfect life, but this is not true.

It is important that you are prepared to meet your soulmate and that you do not get confused with the idea of love.

Get Rid of the Ideas

When you think that you are high in love and you are seeing the world through different lenses and that everything is perfect and good, then you might think love is perfect and flawless.  You will put your partner up on a pedestal and think that since they love you back that it makes you perfect in your life.

You will think you are high on the mountain.  Love is an experience that is both biological and a spiritual thing.  This is when your body releases chemicals and then the spirit is still incarnated and that is why you feel so good when you are with your partner.

People become addicted to drugs for the same reason because they make them feel happier and they allow them to see life in a simple way that is not as stressed or serious.

The idea of being in love is magical to many and they fall into the idea of that.  There is nothing wrong about being in love and everyone should get the chance to enjoy love.  Finding the perfect mate is part of seeking to find a person and this is not always a balanced choice.

When the body cannot handle being high, such as a romantic experience, being in love begins to fade away and the state of being happy is not always there.  This is a moment in life, and these are not controlled by your expectations.  You have to force yourself to stay in love and make it a habit.

When you are in love, you feel that someone is so good and flawless, and this is a false perception of them because no one is perfect. This is an idea that people get.

No one is perfect and not even your soulmate is going to be perfect.  They might be the right person for you but that does not mean that they won’t have shortcomings and that they won’t be hard to deal with sometimes.  This is all part of the life of love.

If you have expectations that love is going to be easy and that you will be so happy all the time, the truth is that this wears off and you will be left disappointed.  This happens with many people that fall in love and then once the excitement is over, they don’t want to be there anymore.

The feeling of love can be part of the spirit of love.  At the same time, if you see that something is not real, and it leaves you feeling less balanced then this has to be understood.

No matter how you meet your soulmate, you cannot have a relationship that is going to be perfect.  You will feel that you are in another dimension and that you re blessed and can’t believe that you have met this person.

Being with your soulmate is an experience that is not chemical, but soul tied.

What your soulmate will give you is the idea of not being in a karmic pattern.  When you are rejected, your feel bad but your soulmate will not reject you or hurt you.  You can disagree with them, but they will come back to you.  There can be times when you have to deal with past trauma but there will be real improvement, and this will not have a negative outcome.

You have to realize though that you are in a relationship with someone that is sensitive and frail just like how you feel.  You have to get rid of the idea that they are not perfect.

The relationship will not always go as you expect, and you have to learn to tolerate that.  You have expected imperfection and not give up on them.  This is the person that you want to keep, and you will know when they come to you.  You have to give all that you have and put everything in this relationship for it to be fair.

Next, you have to take ownership that you have problems too.  You have to pull your own weight and that means even in emotions.  You have to learn to be accountable about who you are and how you act.


When you develop, you will have an ego pattern about your power your emotions.  You will have to be tolerant of relationships and some people come from abuse and games in their life.

You have to develop things in your own self-esteem that let you put down some of the defenses and allow yourself to be unlocked and left behind.  These are things you have to deal with form your past.

You cannot carry these things in with your soulmate and then live a life of happiness.  These things can corrupt your soulmate and not allow things to work out for you.  You have to let go of these things.

If you want to have an ideal relationship, you have to make sure your energies are suitable, and you have to have a way to handle a soul connection.

When you have love vibrations, you will not be tolerant.  You have to affirm yourself and have positive thinking and take your actions into your account.  You have to stop abusing yourself or your soulmate cannot come.  If you are chasing after people because of their looks, you are doing an ego thing and your soulmate will not come.

When you make the decision to let go of your ego and do the right thing then you will have the chance to meet your soulmate and be ready to commit to them.

Being Fine on Your Own

You have to let go of the idea that you are waiting for someone special to come.  This is another pattern that causes people to miss out.

You cannot be needy and emotional dependent and find your soulmate.  Your spirit guides will not allow you to carry yourself emotions that are draining if you want to be in a relationship.

You have to be happy on your own and it cannot be someone else’s burden to carry.

You have to let your emotions go and take care of your needs. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to do your best.

Get rid of old energy patterns and learn how to be okay on your own. This means you have to accept who you are and stop chasing after things.  You have to make sure things are not just about you.

There will be no more waiting on things when you are comfortable with yourself.  You might wish for a soulmate and be waiting, and this could be okay.  You cannot stop your desire to want to have a relationship, but you have to prepare for it and be ready and balanced.

If you think about how much time you will have to put into something, then you are being impatient.

You will find the perfect person when you least expect it and you have to wait.  Keep going on in your life and when it is time, they will come.  Soulmates are a magic part of your life, but they can also cause you to be upset and angry sometimes.

You will not have the angels with you when you leave the earth, but the angels are there to bring you happiness with your soulmate and to help you find love.