Accuracy of Tarot Cards

Accuracy of Tarot Cards

Some people believe in Tarot cards and some do not.  Even if you believe in it, it takes someone that is skilled to interpret what the messages mean.


The purpose of Tarot Cards is for divination.  There are 78 cards and each of them have a story.  Some people that do not believe just think it is ink on cards, but they are actually like magic.

Some believe that tarot cards are used to tell the future, but the truth is that it is supposed to give wisdom to the person reading them.  This allows someone to know what is happening int heir life.

For example, if you are looking for a new career then the tarot reading could help you to figure out how to find a job and not tell you what job you will get.

If you are doing the reading or if you are a client, you need to understand what the tarot cards really mean to know if they are accurate.


Even though the cards are never wrong, if you want the right results there are things you have to consider.

Accurate Questions

In order to get a real reading, you have to ask the right questions.  Sometimes questions are based on what someone wants to happen rather than what is really going on.  If emotions play a huge role, it can cloud your ideas.

A man who needs guidance in his relationship will describe what he did on his last date and say that the girl was very into him.  He might want to know what will happen next.  The man might want the relationship to work and be wrong about how the woman reacted.

If the interaction is based on questions that are only what the guy wants to hear, the answer won’t be accurate and the cards will not be interpreted right.


A tarot reading can give emotion to what is going on but clients have to know that the future cannot be told.  Even if something can be said it will happen at a different time, there is no real interpretation on how long this will be.

The Present Matters

In order to get an accurate reading, the present is the most important part.  Clients can take control of what will happen later by taking the information from their current life to change their destiny.


Tarot cards don’t always say what we want them to say and the reader needs to be careful about forcing an interpretation.  If the reader cannot determine what the cards are trying to say, they just need to accept it.

Tarot cards are smart, and they understand the questions but don’t always give the answers we want.  People need to ask questions that will better their lives instead of being self-centered.

When the tarot cards feel that the right questions aren’t being asked then the reader should know this and be able to get more information.

Types of Readers

There are different types of Tarot Readers; gifted, traditional and both.


A gifted psychic has worked for years doing reading.  They know how the cards are.


A traditional reader knows about tarot cards and have learned to understand and study the deck.  Their interpretations might not seem normal but they allow the cards to speak.


Some readers have both of these traits and they will rely on the cards and themselves.


Being a good communicator is the way to have a good reading.  The client should feel no biases.

The reader needs to make sure that they are doing what the cards say and not just doing what the client wants to hear.

The reader has to always be honest and upfront.

Deck Creator

The tarot decks are created in a spiritual realm.  They were created by people and people put their own ideas into them and that is why they changed.

A tarot deck can change based on our influences and our experiences.  The deck and the way they are drawn can also be changed based on what people do.

It is superstitious that you will be given a gifted deck of tarot cards.  You need to buy one that is traditional and one that you are drawn to and not just any of them.

Right Answers

If the tarot cards are never wrong, then does that mean they have all the answer?  The deck includes answers to everything about our lives and this is why they are universal to everyone.

Readers and clients need to trust in the cards since they have the right communication skills and know what is best for each of us.

The tarot cards are accurate but if you do not follow certain guidelines then you might not get a good reading.  You need to follow the right conditions to unlock all the wisdom of the cards.