A Second Chance Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread

Have you ever met a stranger and you feel like you have met an instant connection? Or, you meet someone that you pass on the escalator and you wish that you had a chance to really get to know them? Do you ever go to reach for a door at the same time as someone else and your hands touch and you dream about them later? These are strong connections.

Why Do These Connections Happen?

Do you ever wake up and wonder why you didn’t say something or make a move towards that person? Maybe it was because of the hard relationship that you are in or maybe it is just because you had a bad day and they made your day a little brighter, even if they were strangers.

Are you married and you met someone that you feel that you could connect with? Or maybe they are married. Do you fear that you are trapped in fantasies in your life and you wish that you could or would have done something different?

Having a Second Chance

Most people wonder why they missed a connection in their life. They wonder if they will ever get that chance to do it over.

Wondering if you can get a second chance is not easy. It can make that you feel that you are not living your best life or it can mean that you wish that you could have done something different and you are feeling sad or depressed.

The idea of a second chance can bring you peace and thankfulness for the things that might come to your life later. Second chances can happen, but should you wait for them?

Getting a Second Chance Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are a way that you can figure out what might happen to you in the future. Tarot cards can help you to understand timing and to understand what you have missed, even if it is a strong connection.

You might wonder what went wrong or right and what you can do to make things differently.

When You Miss a Connection

You can get a tarot reading to find out about your missed connections. Try a Ten Card Celtic Cross spread and find out what the past, present and future has for you.


Maybe you have met someone at a party and you wonder why you never connected before. They might be recently divorced and you might feel that you have such a strong connection with them that they make you feel happy, even if you just met them.

Once you start talking, you find that the person leaves but then you pass them on the road a few weeks later and nothing new came from it. Getting a tarot reading can help you to understand why this connection didn’t work out for you.

Card One

This card can be the hopes and desires that you have such as:

  • Ace of cups: This can mean finding love and starting new.

Card Two

This card can bring you to understand the factors of the relationship such as:

  • Six of cups: This can mean that you share a good thing in the situation and that you wonder what it means.

Card Three

This card can tell you what is working against you such as:

  • Five of swords: Figure out what didn’t work out for you from being uncomfortable or awkward to facing the gossip others give about you.

Card Four

This card can tell you what is really taking place such as:

  • The sun: This can mean that you have a strong connection with that person.

Card Five

This card can tell you how something made you feel such as:

  • Three of cups: It can mean something unexpected happens in your life such as a strange encounter.

Card Six

This card can tell you what you want to see happen in the present such as:

  • Eight of wands: This is when you need to have more clarity and communication.

Card Seven

This card can tell you what is going to happen or what might happen such as:

  • The Lovers as an upright card: This can mean a strong connection happens and it is meant to happen. This can be a probable situation.

Card Eight

This card can tell you when something is supposed to happen such as:

  • Page of wands: The message for you can be soon up to three weeks away.

Card Nine

This card can tell you why the situation doesn’t work how you expect it to such as:

  • Five of cups: Even though this didn’t happen for you, it could be because the universe knew that you weren’t ready for this kind of connection right now. Just relax and wait to see what happens.

Card Ten

This card shows you how to deal with the feelings that you are having such as:

  • Temperance: Karmic connections can happen, and they can be perfect. Life can be hard, but it is never going to be all good or all bad.

Final Thoughts

Missed connections can happen and when this happens, you have to trust that the universe has something better for you. You will reach your destiny and you will see that in the end there is a bigger picture for you to see.