9 Ways the Tarot can Help You Find Your Soulmate

9 Ways the Tarot can Help You Find Your Soulmate

Dating today gets extremely complicated.  How do you know which potential match might be a dud or the next great love of your life?  Using the Tarot can help you save valuable time and emotions by understanding what you are seeking in a partner and ways to meet them.

Below we have complied nine tips for letting the Tarot cards help you meet your soulmate:

  1. Understand Key Relationships Traits

Use Tarot cards to help you sort out which of your ideal expectations for a mate are feasible and which are not.  The Tarot is an essential tool to help you zero in on your top love priorities.  Take your favorite deck and draw three cards.  Card one represents “Goals in finding love.”  Card two – “My partner most posses the following top trait.”  Finally card three, “What does my ideal relationship entail.”

  1. What Keeps You from Finding Love

Sometimes there is a major issue that blocks us from meeting our soulmate.  It is essential that before you continue your search for love, you take a step back and understand which might be preventing you from enjoying your ideal relationship.  Try the following exercise.

Draw a card to visualize what has caused previous relationships to fail.  Pay special attention to reversed cards as they represent lessons you have yet to master and tell of a negative pattern that is being repeated.  Meditation on the meaning of the key lesson of the card to formulate a plan for you to address this issue.  Draw a second card to get clarity on what is hindering you from success.  Finally, draw a third card to identify tools and strategies to help you clear these hurdles.

  1. Learn More About an Ideal Partner for You

Each Tarot card possess unique insights to help you identify a partner that would encourage you on your path to self-growth and enlightenment.  Draw one card to discover a talent of your ideal partner.

If you draw a Court Card, you will glean insight who they are as a person (maturity level, zodiac element and personality).  Take for example the Page of Wands, this card tells of a man who is a youthful fire sign that is a free spirit with an enthusiasm for life and enjoys discovering new things.

Drawing a Major Arcana card provides knowledge into their current stage of life.  For example, drawing the Fool tells of someone who is embarking on an adventure, while the Emperor shows a man who craves structure and order, he also would make an excellent father.

  1. Insight on What You Bring to a Relationship

It’s never easy to talk about yourself on a first date.  How to do find the line between sharing and humbling bragging about your family, career, accomplishments and moral compass.  Using the Tarot can help you better shares your values, beliefs and interests to new date.  This is helpful to put your best foot forward and better brand your key positive traits to any new person you encounter.

Draw a single card to identify your unique relationship gifts.  For example, drawing the Seven of Pentacles shows you preserve during the toughest of moments in a relationship since you are will and able to do the hard work necessary to maintain optimal health in the union.

  1. Learn When You Will Encounter Your Love

Tarot card help you pinpoint when you will meet your Soulmate using divination and astrological methods.  Select one card.  If the card is upright the pathway to your soulmate is aligned and use astrological tool to find out when exactly you will meet.  A reverse card tells of an obstacle that is preventing your meeting.  Meditate on reasons why this obstacle exists and steps you can take to overcome it.

  1. Create Action Steps for Fostering Love

Draw three cards to understand key steps you must take to find your soulmate.  Be aware of Tarots cards that provide clues into avenues to discover this relationship like using a dating service (Three of Pentacles or the Hierophants), building on connections from your social network (Three of Cups or the Ten of Pentacles), focusing your search via the internet (Three of Wands), trying speed dating (Page of Swords), or playing the waiting game (Wheel of Fortune).

Tarot cards can also tell you where you will meet your love.  Seeing the Four of Wands signals you may meet them at a celebratory gathering like a wedding.  Drawing the Three of Cups suggests bumping into them at a bar, restaurant or café.  While the Six of Pentacles foretells of a meeting during a volunteer or charitable outing.

  1. Have a Successful Date

Before you get dressed up for a date, consult your favorite Tarot deck.  Cards can explain how you can better prepare or present yourself and things to highlight or avoid during your time out.  Pulling the Empress or Nine of Pentacles demands you put more effort into your physical appearance.  Drawing the High Priestess recommends you present yourself with an air of mystery and not share everything all at once.  You may also choose to draw a card to better understand how the date will play out and things you want to be on the lookout for.

  1. Understanding Partner Options

Have you been on multiple successful dates and you want to understand which person deserves more of your time?  Tarot cards will help you better analyze the pros and cons of each suitor.  Draw three cards for each prospective partner: pros, cons and outcome.  Draw a final card to understand what tools or knowledge is required of you to make the best decision.

  1. Make a Weekly Love Forecast

Tarot cards can provide you future guidance or predict how love could flow for you.  Draw one card for each time period ahead you seek advice.  The cards will tell when romance is ahead or pitfalls to avoid during this period.  Uses these cards as a tool for empowerment and self-growth.  In time, they will help you better a better version of yourself and prepare you to the meet your soulmate.