Three Reasons Why You Don’t Remember Your Dreams

Three Reasons Why You Don't Remember Your Dreams

It is a scientific fact that everyone dreams. Yet, most do not remember their dreams. It is a curiosity of why some remember all their dreams vividly while others do not remember any details.

Dreams have long fascinated people and were once believed to contain valuable pieces of information. This is particularly true of ancient civilizations as Joseph shared his dreams of becoming a leader with his family and Daniel interpreted dreams of the Babylonian king who enslaved him.

Dreams are no less important today, but have changed in the way society looks at them. Yet, they still contain important information we may not recognize during our waking hours.

There are three reasons why many people don’t remember their dreams:

  1. Their minds couldn’t handle it.

A well-known preacher talked about having dreams of national disaster for two years. They were upsetting and he didn’t feel he should share them because he didn’t know what the dreams meant.

Finally, he began to share them as a warning to something more spiritual. He still won’t say they will happen, but only that they could happen.

For many people, the messages and details in dreams are just too much to handle. It would be impossible to figure out the message and would take their focus off living in the moment.

  1. They want it for the wrong reasons.

Many people claim to be prophets or spiritualists today. There are a lot of fake ones who sell a lot of books and draw big crowds. Sometimes, the spiritual side prevents some from seeing their dreams because of how the person will use them. Perhaps, they will use them selfishly rather than to help others.

  1. They don’t want to believe in it.

Someone who doesn’t believe in dreams or find the importance in them will not remember them. Those who put them in a place of importance will direct their brain to recognize them and remember them.

It’s important to remember than having dreams or visions doesn’t make you more spiritual than anyone else. It just means you are more attuned to certain elements than other people. Some people call these things a gift because they can interpret them and use them wisely.

What is more important is to develop your spirituality by living out your life every day in it. That means helping others, paying attention to patterns and what they mean, and living a humble life with repentance and constant improvement.