Tarot Cards and Readings

Tarot Cards and Readings

Tarot cards are a form of divination and are used to measure outcomes and to check how a person is surrounded or influenced.  The term for tarot reading is taromancy.


You can use tarot cards to figure out what the future holds and the predictions of the future.   The cards focus on figuring out outcomes for the person that is getting the reading.

Tarot readings are the subject of information that might bring more choices and it can be for people that have to face hard decisions or situations.  This shouldn’t be seen as a guarantee outcome.


The tarot readings tarts by dealing the cards from the deck and putting them in a spread.  The reader then interprets it based on the cards and what position hey are in.

Two of the common spreads are the Three Fates and the Celtic Cross.

The Three Fats is when there are three cards with one showing the past, one the present and one the future.  There are different card spreads and the different topics can be different situations or obstacles.

The Celtic Cross is ten cards that show past and future and hopes and conflicts.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana stands alone and has unique meanings.  This can include the devil and the hanged man.

Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana is like a regular deck with four suits.  Each one has ten cards and they contain a face card.


Different readers read the cards differently and see how they are spread differently.  The cards are just used as a medium for them to help them to understand what the situation is and to bring a different reading for those that seek guidance.  The order is meaningful.

Some readers want explanations and others know that they don’t understand things and don’t ask for them.


Very few readers would want someone to pick up tarot cards and give a good reading, but they also wouldn’t want someone to do this that has no idea what they are doing.  If the reader cannot understand the cards, they are not going to be helpful. Many readers only use their own deck of cards.